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KEXP was excited to present the US radio debut of Brisbane, Australia quintet Cub Sport from our CMJ Broadcast. In fact, it was the young band's first time playing in the States at all! Watch their performance below, and check out our chat with these young Aussies over jealous dogs, vengeful youth organizations, and more.

I know this is old news for you guys, but it still comes up here in the U.S. whenever we play your music at KEXP, and that's the fact that you guys used to be Cub Scouts, and then the organization actually stepped in and asked you guys to change your name? Were any of you actually in the Cub Scouts growing up?

Tim Nelson (vocals/keyboards): No, none of us. (laughs)

Maybe that's why they won't let you use the name. No, just kidding. Now you're Cub Sport, so what sports do you kick ass at?

Tim: Is piano a sport? I used to play tennis. I haven't done that for a while.

Zoe Davis (vocals/bass): Trampoline.

Andrew Williams (guitar): I used to play rugby.

Tim: And his brother is a famous Australian soccer player.

Oh? So, is the new name in honor of him? It is now.

Andrew: We'll say yes. David, it's for you.

So, you guys just have two EPs out now. What are the plans for a full-length debut?

Tim: We're looking at releasing one in the first-half of next year. So, we've already been doing some recording. We'll record some more new songs in what's left of this year, and the beginning of next year.

Today at the broadcast, you closed with a song about your dog, Evie. If I understand correctly, you actually have three dogs?

Tim: Sort-of. I've actually got two dogs, and my brother has a dog, but they live with my parents, and now we've both moved out, so we don't live with any dogs right now, and it's horrible.

Are the other dogs jealous that Evie gets a song and they didn't?

Tim: I don't think they're jealous about that, but they are jealous 'cause Evie is my Dad's favorite, so she gets whatever she wants.

Like a song.

Tim: Yes, exactly.

Full Performance:

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