Live Video: The Internet

Live Video, Street Sounds
Jim Beckmann
photo by Dave Lichterman (view set)

Last year, Odd Future (a.k.a. OFWGKTA) really stepped up its game. Although it has always been more than the negative headlines that circulated around co-founder Tyler, the Creator, who nonetheless held critics' praise, the LA hip hop collective proved to be more than a gimmick with the huge success of OFWGKTA member Frank Ocean's solo debut, which earned him six Grammy nominations. Other artists from the group, like Earl Sweatshirt, are poised to take off as well. Undoubtedly, Syd tha Kyd and Matt Martians will be among them. The fellow OFWGKTA producers (Syd was also the group's primary engineer early on) have teamed up to form The Internet, a jazzy, trip-hop influenced project that skews heavily towards R&B and soul. Their late-2011 release, Purple Naked Ladies, was just a taste of what's to come. In-studio at KEXP this past November, Syd and Matt and a full band previewed a new song from their forthcoming Feel Good EP along with a few tracks from their debut. Check out the session, recorded live on KEXP's Street Sounds with Larry Mizell Jr., now:

Full Performance:

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