Live Video: The Coup

Live Video, Street Sounds
Jim Beckmann

Watching these videos you might be thinking: political outrage hasn't seen this much ferocity in music since Rage Against the Machine disbanded a dozen years ago. The fact is, Raymond "Boots" Riley and his band The Coup have been making socially outspoken jams for just as long and have turned out even more incendiary albums like early 90's LPs Kill My Landlord and 1994's Genocide & Juice and 1998's Steal This Album. Their 2012 release, Sorry to Bother You, is their first to feature all live instrumentation and because of its penchant for fiery funk-metal-rap fusion, perhaps the most likely to draw the RATM comparisons, but it's also their most varied and sophisticated album yet as Boots and crew take aim at the hypocrisies of our educational system, drug policies, class system, and even art criticism with a good dose of humor and fun. During their tour for Sorry to Bother You, The Coup stopped by KEXP to kick out the jams live on Street Sounds with Larry Mizell Jr. Check it out:

Full Performance:

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