Live Video: Elliott BROOD

Live Video
Jim Beckmann
photo by Brittney Bollay (view set)

You can't help but note the stylization of their name: Elliott BROOD. The Toronto-area trio practically over emphasize their music's dark tendencies but it's with a touch of comedy that's always present in their stage shows. It's the one of the reasons KEXP DJs and listeners have loved the band for so long: though their subject matter can be gravely serious, they never take themselves too seriously and stomp around like it's an end-of-the-world hootenanny. Their most recent album, Days Into Years, landed on many KEXP DJs and staff top ten picks of 2012 for its hook-filled folk-rock songs and anthemic sing-a-long choruses, but it resonates deeper still with its thematic focus on what it was like to be young and at war in WWII-era Europe. For their recent in-studio, the 'BROOD performed two poignant songs from the album while lightening the mood with their usual good humor and a boot-stomping rendition of the American folk classic "Old Dan Tucker" with ear-buzzing accompaniment of Mark on the "tubazoo." Check out the videos from the session now:

Full Performance:

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