Live Video: Wild Cub

Live Video
Jim Beckmann
photos by Dave Estep (view set)

Had they come around some 25 years ago, Nashville's Wild Cub would surely have been "pretty in pink." Formed only a year ago by singer/songwriter Keegan DeWitt and multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Bullock, the Nashville group sounds less like their Music City contemporaries and more like they belong on an updated John Hughes film soundtrack. Their debut, Youth, originally self-released by DeWitt himself last fall, is full of truly infectious tracks of ecstatic electronic grooves and guitar jams, tribal rhythmic propulsion, warm tropical vibes and anthemic harmonies. Fans of Local Natives, The Ruby Suns, Dinosaur Feathers, earlier Animal Collective, and other such bands will be smitten, just as our Morning Show host, John Richards, was on first listen. He brought the band into the KEXP studio as soon as he could for this exuberant live set before their sold-out show at The Sunset later that night. Watch the videos here and look out for them during broadcast during SXSW next month!

Full Performance:

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