Live Video: Firewater

Live Video
Jim Beckmann
photo by Beth Crook (view set)

In the late 90's, few bands were like Firewater. The NYC band was mixing Balkan folk with contemporary post-punk for sound that would eventually inspire others like Gogol Bordello, Balkan Beat Box, Devotchka and even Beirut. Led by former Cop Shoot Cop frontman Tod A, Firewater became musical world travelers as they added other musical styles to the mix, including Hindi dance, Mexican banda, Latin American salsa, Jamaican ska, and Russian tango. While their songs were always irreverent and anti-establishment, in past years, Tod A took to traveling the world to record parts of his last two albums in areas considered exotic or remote, if not off limits, to most Americans: South East Asia, India, Pakistan and Turkey and other places in the Middle East. In fact, his latest release, International Orange!, was recorded almost entirely in Turkey and Tel Aviv during the height of the Arab Spring. What Tod A and Firewater bring back to listeners is more than sound clips and field recordings but an on-the-ground worldview that challenges a TV news informed public. Recently, Firewater brought East to the West as he stopped by KEXP on his whirlwind trip to perform songs from the new album:

Full Performance:

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