La Fonda - New Mexico

Song of the Day
Hosted by Kevin Cole

Today's Song of the Day, as chosen by Kevin Cole, host of Drive Time on KEXP, is "New Mexico" by La Fonda, from the 2023 self-released album We Are Infinite.

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photo by eric tra
written by jasmine albertson

Seattle-based quintet La Fonda recently released their sophomore full-length We Are Infinite, a dream pop-indebted elegy to navigating life in a corporation-led city and the financial and mental health struggles that brings and finding the specks of hope within. Led by Filipino-American sisters Valeria and Veronica Topacio, the two have been grinding to make La Fonda into the band it is now since 2016. Playing every venue while tinkering with their sound has massively paid off, as the new record sees the band at their best.

Our Song of the Day is the early single “New Mexico,” an anthemic ode to life on the road and the complicated feelings and relationships formed in the unique scenario of touring. Quick goodbyes to people who felt like family for a moment, scenic vistas that are constantly being replaced, and the feeling of constantly chasing something in the distance but not knowing exactly what it is. The immense beauty and simultaneous sadness of it is captured in the shimmering song. The band had this to say about the inspiration behind “New Mexico”:

“This song takes us back to tour 2019. We spent some extra time in New Mexico with the band and our friend, who was hosting us at his home. He died of a drug overdose in the peak of the pandemic and this song is for him. We wrote parts of this song while at his house and unfortunately this was the last time we saw him. So many great memories happened on this tour and especially spending time at his home laughing under a red tiled roof with desert beneath our feet. We will never forget being in New Mexico together and it is a sacred place for us.”

Watch the video for “New Mexico,” co-directed by Gemma Cross, Lily Grace, and GiiiRLBAND, which sees the band being playful on the road and rollick crowds at Seattle’s Tractor Tavern, below.



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