Field School - Jennifer Valentine

Song of the Day
Hosted by John Richards

Today's Song of the Day, as chosen by John Richards, host of the Morning Show on KEXP, is "Jennifer Valentine" by Field School, from the 2022 album When Summer Comes on Bobo Integral and Small Craft Advisory.

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photo courtesy of artist
written by jasmine albertson

It can be rare for a new band to immediately conjure a very specific location, scene, time, and sound but pressing play on Field School’s debut album When Summer Comes is like traveling to Olympia in the early ‘90s, despite its 2022 release. The project of Charles Bert of Seattle band Math and Physics Club, Field School was born out of necessity during the pandemic. Without the ability to play with his bandmates, Bert leaned on himself to create and record full songs on his own. Conjuring the twee pop sounds K Records became synonymous with during that era, the perhaps-not-coincidentally Olympia-based artist makes sentimental lo-fi jangle pop with all the sugary sweetness but none of the calories.

Our Song of the Day, “Jennifer Valentine,” is a highlight off the record and hones in on the saccharine wistfulness. “Jennifer Valentine, I wrote your name a thousand times/I wonder if you remember mine,” Bert sings with sincerity while a simple drum beat keeps tempo and guitars effervescently jangle. “Jennifer Valentine, I'll never change my mind /Cross my heart and hope to die.” If that’s not twee, I don’t know what is.

Purchase When Summer Comes on Bandcamp and listen to the song below.



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