Beach House - Once Twice Melody

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Today's Song of the Day, as chosen by Cheryl Waters, host of The Midday Show on KEXP, is "Once Twice Melody" by Beach House from the 2022 album Once Twice Melody via Sub Pop.

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Photo By David Belisle
written by jasmine Albertson

As longtime fans and champions of Baltimore-based band Beach House, the excitement over the dream pop duo’s partially-released double LP Once Twice Melody is feverish, to say the least. With two of the four chapters already released, it’s clear to see Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally have a masterpiece on their hands with their eighth studio record.

Our Song of the Day is the album’s title track and the lead single off the album. As also the opening track, “Once Twice Melody” sets the dreamy, cinematic mood that Beach House has made their signature over the past 18(?!) years. For the first time, a live string ensemble is brought in to back the sparkling synths and arpeggiated guitar strums, adding lush texture and drama. Legrand’s lyrics are similarly illusory, telling the story of a girl who lives in her head - preferring romantic daydreams over the dull realities of life.

The third chapter of Once Twice Melody is out this Wednesday, January 19th. The full release is Friday, February 18th with an option of a Limited “GOLD” Edition 2xLP in a gold-embossed, hinged box on gold and clear vinyl with full-color booklet and 2 exclusive posters if you want to go all in. Beach House is (hopefully, depending on Covid) heading out on tour this February, with a date in Seattle on Sunday, April 3rd at the Paramount. Watch the lyric video for “Once Twice Melody” below.



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