Lucinda Williams - Man Without a Soul

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Hosted by John Richards
Today's Song of the Day, as chosen by John Richards, host of The Morning Show on KEXP, is “Man Without a Soul” by Lucinda Williams, from the 2020 album Good Souls Better Angels on Highway 20/Thirty Tigers.
photo by Danny Clinch 
written by Janice Headley

All the money in the world
Will never fill that hole
You're a man bought and sold
You're a man without a soul

Over the past 40 years, Lucinda Williams has built a name for herself with her vivid storytelling, which has earned her four Grammy Awards throughout her career. But her forthcoming full-length, Good Souls Better Angels, will "forgo the personal and narrative-based songcraft that has become synonymous with her name and instead speaks to some of the injustices permeating our society."

Today's Song of the Day perfectly illustrates this shift. And while she never directly names who the subject of the song is, it's not hard to guess who she's referring to.

“The devil comes into play quite a bit on this album,” Williams confirms via a press release. “I’ve always loved the imagery in Robert Johnson songs and those really dark Delta blues that are sort of biblical.” She explains her new approach to songwriting: “Because of all this crap that’s going on, it’s on the top of everybody’s minds – it’s all anybody talks about: Basically, the world’s falling apart – it’s like the apocalypse. That’s where that Old Testament stuff comes from. It’s different from my other albums in that there aren’t the story songs about my childhood and all. It feels exciting.”

Good Souls Better Angels will be released April 24 via Highway 20/Thirty Tigers.

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