Today’s song, featured on The Midday Show with Cheryl Waters, is "Frank” by Just Mustard, a 2019 single on Pizza Pizza Records.
PHOTO BY Karl Walsh

Irish five-piece Just Mustard unveiled their debut album, Wednesday, last year to little initial fanfare. Since then, the excitement over the band has grown so much that they were nominated for the Choice Music Prize Irish album of the year and landed an opening slot touring with their countrymen Fontaines D.C. across the UK.

Our Song of the Day is the 2019 single “Frank,” a tense and menacing track of jagged drum rhythms and droning guitars. The song is the A-side of split 12-inch with a song called “October” that has yet to be shared. “Frank” was shared via a glitchy self-directed stop-motion video. Vocalist Katie Ball says this about the clip:

“We thought it would be interesting to use stop motion animation to emphasize the broken rhythms of the song. Every character and prop in the video and their interactions represents a different musical or thematic element of the song to us. We wrote and directed it together as a band and collaborated with filmmaker Tim Shearwood who shot and edited it.”

Watch the video for “Frank” below.


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