Today’s song, featured on The Morning Show with John Richards, is "Heated" by Doe, from the 2018 album Grow Into It on Topshelf Records.
PHOTO BY Andrew Northrop

London-based trio Doe released their sophomore album, Grow Into It, in late September. The record delves into the subject matter of aging and the acceptance of its process via growth.

“Lyrically, I wanted to write an album about getting older that was an antithesis of the overdone trope of male bands singing about rejecting adulthood and wanting to stay young and get wasted with their friends forever,” explains frontwoman Nicola Leel. “Instead, Grow Into It is about finding light and freedom in age and finding autonomy in death.”

Our Song of the Day is the record’s lead single, “Heated,” which winds around, stopping and starting the way life tends to. It’ll never be a smooth line towards growing and aging, but that’s what keeps things interesting. Watch the plant and mulch-filled video for “Heated,” directed by Jack Barraclough, below.

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