Cold Soda - Holly Leaf

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Hosted by Cheryl Waters
Today’s song, featured on The Midday Show with Cheryl Waters, is "Holly Leaf" by Cold Soda, from the 2018 self-released album Cold Soda.

Local band Cold Soda have only been around for a little over a year, playing their first show in May 2017, but in that year they’ve accomplished a lot by making the rounds at all the top tier venues and festivals in town - Barboza, The Crocodile, The Sunset, Upstream, The Tractor etc. Granted, it certainly doesn’t hurt that the band is almost all the same members of veteran freak-folk band The Cave Singers. Peter Quirk, Marty Lund, and Derek Fudesco have been making music under The Cave Singers for over a decade and, before that, started out in the bands Hint Hint (Quirk), Cobra High (Lund), and Pretty Girls Make Graves (Fudesco). Cold Soda sees them add Jeff Alvarez to the lineup while steering the sound towards more straightforward rock and roll. The quartet released their debut self-titled album last month to relatively little fanfare considering their veteran status in the music scene. Our song of the day, “Holly Leaf,” is riff-filled rocker that shows off the band’s skills for making catchy tunes.

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