The Black Tones - Plaid Pants

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Hosted by John Richards
Today’s song, featured on The Morning Show with John Richards, is "Plaid Pants" by The Black Tones, a 2018 self-released single.
PHOTO by Oliver Strasser

Local garage rock trio The Black Tones describe themselves as “a goody bag of BLUES, PUNK and BLACK POWER!” and “a mixture of Kurt Cobain and cornbread,” which is exactly what rock needs right now. Last year, the band released their debut EP, Mr. Mines, and this year they’ve released a string of singles, including “Plaid Pants.” Frontwoman Eva Walker explains the song, saying: “This song was written about my maternal grandparents. The first verse about my grandpa, the second verse, my grandma. Both Cedric and I were extremely close to them and they were a major influence on who we are. In addition to that, the song is about old age in general. Our grandparents used to wear plaid pants, but mainly plaid shirts, but 'Plaid Pants' is a catchier title then 'Plaid Shirts.' With that being said, the term plaid pants in the song represent wisdom, experience, not caring what people think, not caring who sees you doing whatever, as well as being at or toward the end of your life.” The song was recorded by legendary producer Jack Endino (Nirvana, Mudhoney, Soundgarden), as was the trio’s powerful single “The Key Of Black (They Want Us Dead),” released earlier this year. You can see The Black Tones at a number of festivals this summer, including Capitol Hill Block Party, KEXP’s Concert at the Mural, West Seattle Summer Fest, and VanFest. Below, check out a video of The Black Tones performing "Woman In Black" at the KEXP Gathering Space.



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