Squid showcases their skillful instrumentation with a jammy six song set off 2021's Bright Green Field in between an in-depth conversation with KEXP’s DJ Morgan.

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photo by Holly Whitaker
episode description written by jasmine albertson

Brighton post-punkers Squid unveiled their debut record Bright Green Field in early summer 2021 with waves of acclaim for their glitchy, angular take on a genre that is currently chock-full of UK artists trying their hand at. For their Live on KEXP at Home session, the quintet showcased their skillful instrumentation with a jammy set of possibly six - but could be more - songs off the album in between an in-depth conversation with KEXP’s DJ Morgan about the making of the record and how their parents, improv, and the video game Rock Band paved the way for success.

Recorded 08/03/2021.

1. Peel St.
2. Resolution Square
3. G.S.K.
4. Global Groove
5. 2010
6. Paddling



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