Cosmic Collective

Live On KEXP

Cosmic Collective play an energetic, funky five-song set and chat with Lace Cadence, host of KEXP's Overnight Afrobeats.

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photo via Facebook
episode description written by jasmine albertson

Lace Cadence, host of KEXP’s Overnight Afrobeats, made it his personal mission to get the funky as hell Cosmic Collective to play a virtual set for KEXP and it pays off in this session. In between playing an energetic five song set, band leaders Nikki Michelle and Tyler Enslow chat with Cadence about the band’s inception, their extensive sunglass collection, and the benefits of using a bass stand.

Recorded 08/12/2021.

1. Transcendent Love
2. F.W.B.D.W.O.
3. Time Socks
4. Them Changes (Thundercat cover)
5. Gotta Get Out of Here



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