What is the mission of KEXP?

“KEXP enriches your life by championing music and discovery.”


Whom should I contact with questions about my donation or thank-you gift?

Email KEXP Donor Services or call 206.520.5843.


How do I make a song request?

KEXP DJs like to take requests and try to fit in as many in as possible. To make a request, the best way is to email the DJ, or call 1.866.903.KEXP, or 206.903.KEXP in Seattle.


Whom should I contact with comments about KEXP Programming?

We always welcome and encourage feedback from listeners. If you have programming comments, please call or email Chief Content Officer Kevin Cole or 206-520-5833.


How do I learn more about your programs?

Please take a look at the Shows section of KEXP.ORG. You will find information about and links to all of KEXP's programs..


Where does KEXP get its funding?

Friends of KEXP is a 501(c)3 nonprofit arts organization that holds the FCC broadcast license for 90.3-FM KEXP Seattle. An independent affiliate of the University of Washington, KEXP relies on investments from individual, foundation, business, and government supporters, and is led by a volunteer Board of Directors[LINK TO BOD PAGE], with input from a Community Advisory Board. The largest portion of KEXP's funding, about 52%, comes from donors like you in the KEXP community. Local businesses make up about 32% of funding, and 11% comes from government sources, including the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The remaining 5% comes from other sources, such as corporate and foundation support and unrelated business revenue, including sales of online advertising. For more information about KEXP’s funding sources, please see the most recent Annual Report.


How big is the total staff at KEXP?

KEXP currently has 106 staffers. 57 of these are full-time employees.


How many DJs work at KEXP?

KEXP generally has about 45 DJs on staff.


I've seen KEXP listed as a sponsor at concerts, events and festivals around Seattle and beyond? What does that mean?

KEXP is pleased to provide media support to many events, shows, concerts, festivals and other arts organizations. As media sponsor of an event, KEXP provides the organization with on-air promotion of their events, often in return for an advertisement in the playbill and tickets to the event. As media sponsor, KEXP gives no money to the partnering promoter or organization.


How do I get airplay for my band? Check out the getting airplay section of the site to get detailed advice from John Richards on how to submit material for consideration.

Where are KEXP’s studios?

KEXP studios and offices are located 472 1st Ave N, just north of Downtown Seattle, a short walk from the iconic Space Needle. For more detailed instructions click here.


Is it possible to arrange a tour of KEXP?

Absolutely! KEXP Tours are offered at 2:00 pm daily. Tours last approximately 30 minutes and have a capacity of 10 people each. Walk-ins are welcome but subject to availability. Reservations are encouraged. Private tours are available to larger groups (schools, scouts, etc).

To book a public or private tour email or call 206-520-5892.