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DJ Line: 206-903-KEXP
Business Line: 206-520-5800
Program/Music Director: 206-520-5833
Donor Services: 206-520-5843
Fax: 206-520-5899

113 Dexter Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98109

Getting Radio Airplay
Trying to get radio airplay for your band's new CD? KEXP's John in the Morning offers his advice.

How to get your show listed in our concert calendar
Submissions should be received two weeks before publication on our site and mention on the air. The calendar is read on-air Mon-Fri at 9am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm and 10pm and Sat-Sun at 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm and 10pm. Information about coming events may be submitted for consideration by email.

Directions to KEXP

Our address is 113 Dexter Avenue North.

KEXP is located slightly north of downtown Seattle. We can be found in a white building just north of Denny on Dexter. Landmarks include our giant KEXP sign and the Elephant Car Wash. KEXP and Willamette Dental share a U-shaped parking lot where you may park your vehicle on the side near the station. Press the big red button at our door when you arrive. And we’ll let you in.

If you are driving south on I-5:
  • Take the Denny Way/Stewart St exit (#166)
  • Stay in the RIGHT lane
  • Turn RIGHT onto Denny Way>
  • Turn RIGHT onto Dexter Ave N
  • KEXP is 2nd building on the left
If you are driving north on I-5:
  • Take the Mercer St exit (#167) on LEFT side of freeway
  • Turn LEFT at first light (Fairview Ave N)
  • Turn RIGHT onto Denny Way
  • Turn RIGHT onto Dexter Ave N
  • KEXP is 2nd building on the left
If you are driving west on I-90:
  • Bear RIGHT onto Exit 2C (I-5 North) and follow north I-5 directions above
  • If you are driving North on I-99/Aurora Ave:
  • When you emerge from Battery Street Tunnel, get into far RIGHT lane immediately
  • Make the first RIGHT that you can (onto Thomas, Harrison, or Republican St)
  • Make your first RIGHT onto Dexter Ave N
  • KEXP is next to last building (before Denny) on the right
If you are driving South on I-99/Aurora Ave:
  • Take the Denny Way exit and stay in the far LEFT exit lane
  • Turn LEFT onto Denny Way
  • Make your first LEFT onto Dexter Ave N
  • KEXP is 2nd building on the left