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Refill: A Live Stream Benefit Concert for the Seattle Artist Relief Fund

REFILL is a community-driven live streamed benefit concert to help raise money for the Seattle Artist Relief Fund (SARF), a Black-led community response to help provide direct financial support to artists who have been affected by Covid-19.

With the global pandemic extending further into the future, artists from Seattle recognized a need for renewed focus and funding to support Seattle artists through SARF. In partnership with SARF, LANGSTON, and KEXP, a live streamed concert will be hosted on KEXP’s YouTube channel on Sunday, July 19th starting at 4PM. 

REFILL will feature performances by Brandon Marsallis & TalayaClaudine MagbagPerry PorterChong the NomadBen ZaidiParisalexaSolLeft At LondonDave B, and Sango. The event will be hosted by KEXP DJ Eva Walker.

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Last Updated: July 10th, 9:00 Am PT

With music festivals being canceled and venues closed during the coronavirus outbreak, fans are yearning for some live music while they self-quarantine. Thankfully, many artists are turning to the internet to continue to reach their fans. KEXP is collecting a calendar of upcoming live streaming video concerts. We encourage viewers to utilize any digital tip jars or links to purchase music and merchandise, as many of these performers are losing income by not being able to tour. Please note: times and dates are subject to change. 

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