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KEXP is excited to present a show programmed and produced by teens. Under the guidance and direction of KEXP DJs, 90.TEEN creates interest and opportunity for youth in radio and media arts while presenting the best in music that our community’s youth are listening to right now. 90.TEEN provides a voice for Seattle youth, in a fun educational format.

90.TEEN is programmed by the participants in the KEXP Youth Radio program. The goal of this program is to teach young people confidence skills, help them develop career goals, encourage positive thinking, practice curation skills, gain technical and programmatic knowledge, and receive training on the art of broadcast DJing.


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Applications are OPEN from July 8th at 6:00 AM PT and will CLOSE on July 29th at 6:00 PM PT



all photos by Carlos Cruz


KEXP is excited to introduce the 2023-2024 90.TEEN DJs:

Soup of the Day // Aliza moved to the Seattle area five years ago and has loved the music scene ever since. An enthusiastic bass player, she jams with friends and family and writes music. She spends her time drawing, painting, working on tech crew, and playing live music for school productions. When she is not doing the above, she can be found nerding out about the grassroots music scene in Iceland, with its awesome music festivals and bands, and marine life in the Salish Sea. Aliza is so excited to be part of the 90.Teen program and hopes to serve your musical soup of the day by playing music from near and far in KEXP spirit!

DJ Bolan D // Djing since 12 years old, DJ Bolan D is a junior at Garfield High School. He’s a drummer who plays in the GHS jazz band and when he’s not laying down beats he's digging through crates. Although Bolan specializes in Reggae and Soul, He's no stranger to indie, rock, and punk. Music is his biggest passion in life and he hopes to pursue it as a career.


DJ Kap Uwak // DJ Kap Uwak is an avid artist and art enthusiast who has been surrounded by music all their life, and believes it is one of the strongest and freest art forms. They enjoy dancing, headbanging, and, occasionally, crawling out of their dark cave and going to a live show. They want to promote and create authentic connections and strengthen bonds among humanity through art and stories. When they aren’t making strange noises or analyzing the characters from Succession or Our Flag Means Death, they like to feed the crows and experience immersive art (whether that mean watching David Lynch or Taika Waititi for hours on end, hyperfocusing on their own crafts, or lip syncing to Talking Heads songs in the mirror). DJ Kap Uwak is dedicated to learning their pre-colonial Filipino culture and decolonizing, and they hope to inspire people to do similar. 

“No saan nga makaammo nga nangtaliaw ti naggapuanna, saan a makadanon ti papananna.” 
(One who does not know their origins will not reach their destination) 
~Ilokano proverb

DJesse // Historically, DJesse has been quoted identifying themself as someone who, “likes music,”. They love a wide range of musicians and genres but with a special place in their heart for hardcore, shoegaze, folk, doom metal, new wave, and anything with a good bassline. In addition to music, they love kickboxing, hiking, antiquing, horror movies and seeing live music. So far, DJesse has had an amazing time working with 90.teen and Rain City Rock Camp, volunteering at the Vera Project, playing in a band with a couple of friends (find them in various all-ages venues, trying to borrow the gear they forgot and persuade people to mosh to easy going, punk-pop tunes). They’re excited to continue finding ways to build community and connection through the power of music.


DJ Lu (she/her) // I’m originally from Brooklyn, NY, and I’ve spent most of my life in Seattle. I have grown up in the arts as a dancer, musician, and performer, have always had a passion for every artform, and am especially drawn to music and filmmaking. I have very eclectic tastes, and have always loved and been inspired by old Hollywood aesthetics, Lucille Ball, all different types of books, movie and TV soundtracks, making playlists, listening to every genre of music, both new and old, and am a big fan of watching depressing independent movies anytime. KEXP has had a huge impact on me, and I’m very excited to give back and be on the other side of what I’ve experienced as a listener. I want to connect with like-minded people through sharing my love for music with anyone and everyone who wants to listen.


Montana // Montana is a student at Garfield High School. He learned how to produce during 2020 and has been making music since. His favorite thing to do in his downtime is listen to and learn about music from the past, originally RnB, but lately drum n bass, garage, and techno. He hopes to share the songs he loves with others, and learn a lot about curation and radio along the way.


DJ Nick // My name is Nick Coryell and I’m so grateful to be a part of the 90.TEEN program! Growing up in a military family gave me the opportunity to move around the world, which helped me become more open-minded and curious when exploring new things. This definitely transferred over into my passion for exploring new music. I’m always on the search for new and undiscovered music and love to share it with others. Besides finding deep cuts and curating playlists for friends, I enjoy art, fashion, cooking, climbing, and hiking.


Pb and DJ // Pb and DJ is an Open Doors student at Green River Community College. She was born and raised in Renton WA. She has a passion for live music and enjoys spending her free time volunteering at a local music venue. In her time volunteering, she has seen how music can cultivate community connections and hopes to create something similar through her work at KEXP. She has a sidekick named Pretzel who is a rescue dog from Yakamia Humane and can usually be found listening to music while reading a superhero comic with her sizable stuffed animal collection. One of her favorite things to do while listening to music is repairing used stuffed animals she finds at second hand stores. She is excited to bring new music to others as they go about their daily activities.