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Midnight In A Perfect World

Midnight In A Perfect World: Anchorsong

Tokyo-born, London-based electronic producer Anchorsong shares a beautifully diverse guest DJ mix for Midnight In A Perfect World that brings together different sounds and styles from all over the world.

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Local Music Music News

Sundae Crush Share the Sweetly Surreal Video for Summer Anthem "Green Lake" (KEXP Premiere)

Seattle sweethearts Sundae Crush have the perfect anthem for summer, and today, KEXP premieres the video for the track "Green Lake," directed by Slovenian siblings Robi and Alen Predanič.

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El Madrileño y la fórmula de C. Tangana para reinventar la canción española en clave latina

KEXP viaja a España para hacer un track by track con Antón Alvarez Alfaro, que hace música bajo el nombre de C. Tangana y que compuso El Madrileño, un álbum que revisa los principios de la canción española convocando a figuras claves de la música tradicional y el futuro de América Latina.

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El Madrileno and C. Tangana’s Formula to Reinvent the Spanish Song in a Latin Key

KEXP hosts a track by track with Antón Alvarez Alfaro, aka C. Tangana, on his latest LP 'El Madrileño,' an album that reviews the principles of the Spanish song by summoning key figures of traditional music and the future of Latin America.

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Album Reviews

New Music Reviews (6/7)

Each week, Music Director Don Yates (joined this week by DJ Alex) shares brief insights on new and upcoming releases for KEXP's rotation. See what we added this week below (and on our Charts page), including new releases from Japanese Breakfast, Mustafa, Islands, and more.

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Midnight In A Perfect World

Midnight In A Perfect World: Pamcy

Manila-based DJ and electronic producer Pamcy shares a dreamy guest DJ mix for Midnight In A Perfect World full of fluid, melodic, and addictive house jams.

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Throwaway Style Interviews Local Music

Throwaway Style: Wild Powwers Offer a Track-By-Track Breakdown of Heavy Fourth Album What You Wanted

The Seattle power trio (pun intended) talk romantic disappointments, the financial downsides of being a musician, their near-death experience, and more.

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Sub Pop 30th Anniversary Count-Up

In 2018, KEXP celebrated the 30th anniversary of local record label Sub Pop with a four-month retrospective, "counting up" every catalog number in their vast discography of over 1,200 releases. Dig into the archives of our catalog coverage, featuring in-depth coverage on the history of their releases.

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