Announcing Your New Drive Time Host – Evie Stokes

Drive Time
Evie Stokes // photo by Rachel Stevens

Recently, KEXP shared the news that DJ Kevin Cole will be stepping down as host of Drive Time – you can read a note from Kevin here. We are so grateful for the 25 years Kevin has put in at KCMU/KEXP as a DJ and major presence behind the scenes. He’ll continue to be a part of KEXP programming going forward.

Today we are proud to announce that Evie Stokes will be the new host of Drive Time, Tuesdays through Fridays from 4-7 PM PT. DJ Riz will continue to host Drive Time on Mondays. Listeners will be familiar with Evie from her show on Sunday afternoons as well as a regular presence on our airwaves over the years.

Here’s a note from Evie:

I’ve never been great at playing it cool, so I’m not even going to try it here. When they told me that I was going to be the new host of Drive Time on KEXP, I screamed with joy so loud that my cat flew across the room!

Some of my earliest memories are trying to connect with people through music. I would make mix tapes for myself and put Peter Gabriel’s “Red Rain” and Tom Tom Club’s “Wordy Rappinghood” on them, remembering that my dad would take me on road trips in his two-seater Datsun pickup, listening to those songs. I eventually wore those mixtapes out, but I have spent the rest of my life making mixes for friends, loves (both failed and successful), and the incredible KEXP community.
You may know me from Sundays on KEXP from 3-6 PM, but there were many overnight shifts and lots of DJ assisting that happened at this station long before that. I’ve been a part of KEXP since 2007 and now cannot believe that 17 years later, this community that has meant so much to me is going to be my full-time job. 

Many of you know I have struggled with addiction in my past. When you’re newly sober, things can feel very dark, but you have to keep going and just trust that at some point, there will be things in life that are worth going forward for. My daughter was the first and biggest thing in my life that made it all worth it. The KEXP community and this job? Solid second thing. 

I have the toughest shoes to fill and still can’t really believe the legend Kevin Cole is stepping back from full-time DJing. But I’m beyond honored and grateful to be with you every Tuesday to Friday, 4-7 PM PT on KEXP. It’s Drive Time with Evie Stokes. (starting July 2024) (eeeeeee!!!!!!)

Evie’s first show as host of Drive Time will be July 30 at 4 PM PT. Additionally, Kevin Cole will be taking over the 3-6 PM PT slot on Sundays. 

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