Midnight in a Perfect World: aus

Midnight In A Perfect World
Alex Ruder
photo by Ryo Mitamura

aus is the alias of Yasuhiko Fukuzono, a veteran Tokyo-based artist who is also the founder and creative driving force behind the label FLAU Records. Active in the early 2000s with his emergence as a solo artist in 2004 and the launch of FLAU Records in 2006, aus has explored a wide range of styles within the electronic and ambient realms over the past two decades, consistently applying a warm, atmospheric, intimate touch to his music. Following an extended period when his primary focus was on the label, aus returned this year with the new full-length album Everis, a lush, cinematic, and transportive album that marked his first new album in 14 years.

His exclusive guest DJ mix for Midnight in a Perfect World is an astounding tapestry of fleeting dreamlike moments that weaves together 76 songs in less than an hour. Featuring artists and sounds that inspired his new album, aus says "this is the most powerful mix I've ever done."

Artist Title
Midnight in a Perfect World Intro
Benedicte Maurseth Alde
Oliver Coates Soaring X (featuring Malibu)
René Espere Unelaul
John Adams Shaker Loops IV. A Final Shaking
Steve Reic Six Pianos
Keith Jarrett The Wind
Christian Naujoks Idyll
Skylab Next
Anthony Moore Secrets Of The Blue Bag 3
Grateful Dead Silver Apples of the Moon
Weather Report Morning Lake
Milton Nascimento Os Povos
Deftones Teenager
Gary McFarland Winter Colors
Faust Untitled : Arnulf On Drums II
Alice Coltrane Lovely Sky Boat
The Jimi Hendrix Experience ...And the Gods Made Love
Steve Vai Ballerina 12/24
Masabumi Kikuchi Wind 1, 2
Picchio Dal Pozzo La Bolla
Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band Hair Pie: Bake 1
Susumu Yokota Azukiiro No Kaori
Yes Endless Dream
Djivan Gasparyan Tonight
Maju Facing Backwards
Ulla Shelter
Moondog Death, When You Come To Me
Howie B Here Comes the Tooth
Studio Pankow Linienbusse
Luciano Cilio Primo Quadro "Della Conoscenza"
Aki Takahashi Beatles Sweet III. Hide & Seek In "Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)"
Yoshiaki Ochi Aqua
Sakana World Language
Jacques Mayol Dolphins - Jacques' Voice III
K.D. Lang Apogee
Scala Ride Me
Broadway Project Recovery
The Alps Until Tomorrow
Max Roach January V
Pink Floyd Speak To Me
Popilotti Rist Ever Is Over All
Angelo Michajlov & The Karel Vlach Orchestra Hex F.X.
Jennifer Connelly Ai No Monologue
Sth. Notional Yawn Yawn Yawn (Dream... Another Reality Instrumental)
Roland P. Young Crystal Motions
Manual & Syntaks Inez
Stevie Wonder Seasons
Seahawks Space Oracle (aus remix)
Oh, Yoko Seashore (Sprinkles' Ambient Ballroom)
Quarteto Em Cy Ninguém Me Ama (by Antônio Maria)
Yoshio Suzuki The Mirage
Teruoki Mishina Vega (by Penguin Cafe Orchestra)
Pirandèlo Disegno
NEU! Gedenkminute (Für A + K)
The Monkees Opening Ceremony
Ryuichi Sakamoto Evolution of Life
Taj Mahal Travellers August 1974 III
Adrian Rew Slot Machine Music A1
Noël Akchoté Gifle
Kazuo Uehara Seoul 1982
Stars Of The Lid Dungtitled (In A Major)
Edward Elgar Elegy for Strings, Op.58
Vaughan Williams The Lake Ascending
Gavin Bryars with Tom Waits Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet: Tramp with Orchestra IV (Full Strings)
The Telemann Society Synthesized Bells Pealing
Toshiyuki Tsuchitori Yuraki
Teiji Furuhashi "An Encyclopedia For Landscape Manias" Theme #1
Raymond Scott Sleepy Time
Bill Evans & George Russell Orchestra Living Time Event 1
Carl Orff & Gunild Keetman Instrumental Pieces X)
Kraftwerk Morgenspaziergang
La Düsseldorf Vögel
God Lives Underwater Medicated To The One I Love
Sarah Peebles 7 New Year's Bells
Unknown Artist Duo De Flûtes
Toru Takemitsu Kwaidan; Part 1

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