Midnight In A Perfect World: x/o

Midnight In A Perfect World
Alex Ruder
photo by Katrin Braga

x/o is the solo alias of Veron Xio, a Vietnamese-Canadian electronic music producer, performer, filmmaker, and visual artist who spends time between Berlin and their native city of Vancouver, BC. Their music focuses on disrupting gender binaries through audiovisual storytelling, hyper-feminine/masculine tropes, and butterfly evolution allegories to build new worlds exploring nuances in duality and cyclical emotions. Five years after making their debut with the Cocoon Egg EP on experimental UK label Quantum Natives, x/o emerged with the captivating full-length album Chaos Butterfly released in early April 2022 on the Berlin-based label Precious Metals.

x/o's exclusive guest DJ mix for Midnight In A Perfect World is a captivating audio experience. Featuring 85 tracks that weave together in dizzying kaleidoscopic fashion, x/o fittingly describes their mix as "quilt-like" as they stitch together adventurous underground club tracks and sneak in plenty of surprises along the way.

Artist Title
Midnight In A Perfect World Intro
Chams Vain coeur
desire process newton's law
Oli XL Flower Circuit
chief keef x sky h1 x ssaliva citgo (nevrland edit)
Nier Automata OST Pascal - パスカル
Kittisol Senti
Loyalty XIX Dycentra
Sebastian Ruslan Body
ella heron brandy edit - tarraxo explosion 2k19
Lila Tirando a Violeta & Verraco Aguas Violentas
Lawrence Lek 陆明龙 Austerity
Sarah McLachlan Silence (feat. Silvio)
Isabella Lovestory Vuelta
Bela 칠채 Chilchae
Gabber Modus Operandi Padang Galaxxx (Skyshaker Dusk Novox)
E-Saggila Cluebeat
Embaci Tiniest Whisper
evidence doll blood pressure
Fugees Ready Or Not (instrumental)
Avalon Rays Another Time
Eterna A Window
Eartheater Mitosis
CORIN Hydraulis
Deftones Knife Party
Utada Hikaru Sanctuary (Joel T. Collins Remix)
Utada Hikaru Sanctuary (filezerofour + maki adams remix)
x/o Hea11ng Ca11
Eartheater Scripture
eMiLY gLASS TOOL2 [150]
Rui Ho Be Mine
x/o Locking In
Gediminas Zygus & Holly Childs Freefall
Sin Maldita Me Me Me
266sx Chino Burbank Van Nuys
Goo La Sangre Que Corre No Se Seca
City & i.o Unkind (feat. Dis Fig)
Myxomy Sloppy attempt
DJ Narciso & Endgame CUT
GIL Suspiria (gil edit)
x/o Initiation Relic
Hesaitix / eea / M.E.S.H. Sequistice
Deftones Rosemary
Osheyack Thrall
Thoom Tony
galen tipton pixie ring (swan meat remix)
My Sword vibing
Oxhy That Which Could Hurt Ourselves
Meuko! Meuko! none (live recording)
Amaarae Sad Girlz Luv Money Remix (feat. Kali Uchis)
Rochelle Jordan LOVE YOU GOOD
GILA NANAO (feat. Kloxii)
st.grimes Lenta (Miss Jay Remix)
Hikaru Utada One Last Kiss (k_d Remix)
Outback Think.idea171
Ouri Too Fast No Pain (ft. mobilegirl)
Coi Leray, Nicki Minaj Blick Blick (the Fanatic Edit)
AGGROMANCE close eyes (dembow phonk edit)
Buga Visions Of One Truth
Dove Atarashi Karada
Tumy sigh
AKEEM & FOTAN LAIKI Bad Habit - Rmx (Feat Organ Tapes)
Inner most - Fetva "Blinding Lights" but you're waking up in a tent at the festival during fetva's morning...
Organ Tapes Heaven Can Wait
FRIDGE ARCHIVE Thruu It All [Prod. Fridge]
Final Fantasy X OST This is Your Story
flora yin wong Of The Ferns
Choi fault
D_viance frere
dj bobo1 Drop
Varg2tm WITHOUT WAVES 消える (feat. Golin)
FKA twigs jealousy (feat. rema)
blastah join beatii (edit - @djlostboi @dj-basofe-djs-di-casa-vip @deejay-yudiifox-official)
Kittisol Flagrant Hours
elysian 4GATSU
Alexmalism Sonic Grey
Tzusing Face Of Electric (jondu Remix)
Dinamarca Niños
T0ni angel_stance
The Kid Laroi & Justin Bieber Stay (CP Liquid DnB Remix)
Della Orrey Growing Light
Mooski Track Star (DJ T Marq & DJ 809 Jersey Club Remix)
Moby Porcelain (IPHAT Liquid DnB Remix)
CFCF Heaven (feat. Sarah Bonito)


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