Midnight in a Perfect World: dreamcastmoe

Midnight In A Perfect World
Sean Morrow

Remember any home phone numbers by heart? If you rattled off “301-341-7207” than you might be Washington D.C.’s Davon Bryant aka dreamcastmoe. A lifelong resident of the nation’s capital, this supremely funky and blunted track off his 2020 Lamont EP is a perfect encapsulation of dreamcastmoe’s cool versatility. Debuting in 2017 with the 100% truth-in-advertising 7” single titled “Liquid Deep,” dreamcastmoe and his D.C.-cohorts running and releasing music on the Future Times, Peoples Potential Unlimited and 1432r labels have carved out a wonderfully idiosyncratic place in contemporary underground music, one that deserves a far broader spotlight. 

Billed as a mixtape, dreamcastmoe’s Ghostly International debut Sound Is Like Water showcases the free-moving moods and sound of his earlier singles and EPs, bouncing smoothly and soulfully between electronic, R&B, funk and soul, grounded by Bryant’s infectious but laidback crooning style. Coupled with impeccable production credits (like Future Times’ Max D, 1432r’s Sami and Vancouver’s ZDBT), Sound Is Like Water marks the emergence of an understated talent.

Per dreamcastmoe, "this is a mix that was caught live at Howards Bar & Grill in Austin, TX. Right before the recording I enjoyed some French cuisine and wine with Charles Moon and Crew. Enjoy dreamcastmoe with a full belly and lust for life. This mix moves over all my airport hitters, house, g-funk, soul mixed with some live singing.”


Artist Title
Midnight in a Perfect World Intro
Circuitry feat. Electro Wayne Last Days of Cybotron
dreamcastmoe & Sylo Unreleased
Mark Seven Salvation
dreamcastmoe & Jordan GCZ Cloudy Weather, Wear Boots
Flørist Rosso
Dawit Eklund Unreleased
DJ Technics Clair
Dawit Eklund Unreleased
Max D No Snare
Sami Marty & Jack
Maurice Fulton Bread & Soup

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