The True Loves Make Another Great "First Impression” (KEXP Premiere)

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Janice Headley
The True Loves // photo by Morgen Schuler (view set)

Anyone who's heard Seattle's soulful funkmasters True Loves knows the band makes a lasting impression with their infectious, horn-drenched sound. Today, KEXP presents the exclusive premiere of the new track "First Impression,” the second single off their forthcoming full-length Sunday Afternoon. It's a harder funk sound than we've heard from the local octet, drawing influence from '60s-era acts like Tower of Power and Parliament. The track might sound familiar to anyone who's seen the band perform live, but was locked down for their sophomore release at a band retreat during the COVID-19 shutdown. 

"Started as a basement jam," remembers tenor saxophonist Gordon Brown. "I'd been working on a similar line for another project before y'all came over and just started playing it over a rhythm section warmup."

"It started out as a simple groove and we just kept adding layers," percussionist Iván Galvez confirmed. "It has just the right amount of groove to it. I remember the ending just being so big that Bryant [Moore, bassist] suggested a Timbale feature to just fade the song out..."

"Another example of our ability to write songs in a group setting," added trombonist Jason Cressey. "The rhythm section was jamming on a groove when the horns landed on the main horn line." 

Check out the song below. Sunday Afternoon will be released May 28th via Color Red, a label launched by New Mastersounds guitarist Eddie Roberts. Pre-order is available here.

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