Midnight In A Perfect World: 'nohup'

Midnight In A Perfect World
Alex Ruder
photo by Kate Van Ness

‘nohup’ is the alias of Bobby Azarbayejani, a Seattle-based multimedia artist, producer, and DJ. Inspired by the radical inclusivity of the Seattle scene, their work is focused on finding a sense of comfort in discomfort, and introducing a sense of joy and levity when faced with darkness. Through their musical and multimedia projects, they hope to poke fun at rave culture while paying homage to the rich history it provides.

With this mix originally airing on Valentine's Day, 'nohup' had this to share:

This mix is meant to represent an internal dialogue that feels irreconcilable, but has a simple answer. You’re not sure if the new crush you have is true love or unhealthy obsession. There’s the one side of you that’s saying “I’m OK” but the other side that knows you’re not. One side wants to isolate itself, and the other side needs a friend. The problem is, neither of these sides is going to win. They’re always going to be there.

So you think…. “Why not both?”

Midnight in a Perfect World Intro
Rabbit In The Moon Phase 5 - Englightenment
Formally Unknown Hectic
The Cyclist Inhale / Exhale (feat. Tanaya Harper) (Bruce's Deep Breath Mix)
Lurka Stay Let's Together
DJ Nasty The Chase Scene
DJ Plead Salt and Pepper
Hame DJ LL
Baby D (Everybody's Got To Learn Sometime) I Need Your Loving
Reptant Liquid Acrobatics
Sarah McLachlan Possession (Rabbit in the Moon Remix)
Joy Orbison Big Room Tech House DJ Tool - TIP!
Loop LF Moon GZ
DJ Technics He Loves (Baltimore Mix)
Sport Dream Support
Brian Eno & John Cale Spinning Away
Cocteau Twins Cherry Coloured Funk (Aos & Archivist Altoids Edit)

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