Why Are We Doing an "Ask a Stupid Question Day" Video Roundup?

Video Roundup
Janice Headley
Pixies // photo by Dave Lichterman
ORIGINALLY POSTED ON September 28, 2016
Updated September 30, 2019

It's okay! You can ask! Because today is "Ask a Stupid Question Day." The day was established in the '80s by a group of teachers who noticed that students were hesitant to raise their hands in class to ask questions, that really, may or may not be stupid. But, annually on September 28th (or on the last school day of September when September 28th falls on the weekend), kids can abandon that fear of social ridicule! KEXP would like to extend this courtesy beyond the classroom and into this Video Roundup, because many of our favorite songs are in the form of a query. And that's okay. Don't be afraid to ask questions, people.

(At least they provide their own answer.)

(Someone took the time to list reasons why not.)

This is actually a good question.