Thurston Moore Covers New Order's "Leave Me Alone"

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Janice Headley
photo by Bebe Labree Besch

Thurston Moore shares his rendition of New Order's "Leave Me Alone," the closing track from their 1983 album Power Corruption and Lies. (Dan Bejar's Destroyer recorded a cover in 2012, too.) The song will appear as the B-Side on three different 7" singles Moore will release on November 8th through his Daydream Library Series. The A-Sides include “Pollination,” “Spring Swells,” and “Three Graces”, all live recordings of the Thurston Moore Group collected over the past year. 

Moore covered the song while on a residency in Salford, the area in Manchester, England where both New Order's Peter Hook and Bernard Sumner were raised. 

"Salford is the only place I would dare cover a New Order song, with local musicians and local pints," Moore said in an interview with The Quietus. "It was just one of those rare occasions, where something I wouldn't normally do was done just for fun, and in homage and respect to the place. Anyway, it was a sweet time and recorded without any fuss, and maybe it worked out at least for this B-side. Since these 7"s are artist limited editions, we decided to make it the B-side for all three singles, so people can actually get hold of a copy. We will make sure the release is in Salford, too."

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