Self-Professed ‘Adult Entertainer’ Donny Benét Debuts New Music Video for “Second Dinner”

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Dusty Henry
photo by Carlos Cruz

Australian synth-pop, disco extraordinaire and self-professed “adult entertainer” Donny Benét is a man out of time. His keyboard jams, flashy fashion sense, billowing chest hair, and glorious mustache harken back to the decadent shmaltz of the late 70s and early 80s but with the kitsch and irony (maybe?) that could only exist in the post-Internet age.

Benét is a bottle of champagne chilling in an ice bucket on your glass coffee table over a shag rug, posted on your Instagram to the delight of your followers. The only thing deeper than his synth bass tones are the necklines of his Miami Vice shirts. It’s easy to see the sly humor Benét leans into.

And yet…

Despite the jokes and persona, Benét makes bonafide jams. His 2018 album titled The Don is a tantalizing mix of late-night, windows down, neon light retro-bangers. He’s like early INXS replacing Chromatics on the Drive soundtrack. Benét is a fun, baffling mystery of a performer, one who you’ll find yourself falling in love with from his charisma alone. All of this is on full display in the just premiered music video for his new single “Second Dinner” (as heard earlier today with a world premiere on The Afternoon Show with Kevin Cole).

We get to see a bit of a different side of Benét – ditching the beach for a Tron-like digital world. He tip-toes over digital steps in his bathrobe, eats leftovers inside of a refrigerator, and has his body stretch and mutate while he feasts on his “second dinner.”

Watch the video below.

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