ARCHIE (formerly known as PSA) Stays True To Herself With “Summation”

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Dusty Henry

For years, PSA has performed on Seattle stages and at festivals under the three-letter moniker. Following her feverish 2018 debut EP, DEBUTANTE, PSA is reemerging with a new name – ARCHIE. The name change signifies an exciting shift in her career, bolstered with her new single “Summation.”

The soulful samples and drum loops revolve in a smoky haze – like a lost Dilla loop picked out of the archives. It’s the glimmering foundation for ARCHIE’s powerful, aching vocals to shine. Her voice couldn’t be more ideal for the beat, sounding like a transmission from a lost decade.

While the song is officially getting its release today, “Summation” was originally conceived as a track for Taylar Elizza Beth’s excellent Fresh Cut Flowers EP. Elizza Beth gave her the beat and ARCHIE freestyled on top of it – that freestyle is what you hear in the final song. ARCHIE says the whole song came together in about one minute.

While ultimately “Summation” didn’t make it on Fresh Cut Flowers, thankfully the song is given new life as the first single from her upcoming debut EP as ARCHIE – which she says will be out late fall or early winter of this year. As she undergoes this artistic change, “Summation” aptly captures the feeling of trusting yourself and reminder that your story is still being written.

“I am really hard on myself so this song is a reminder that the summation of my life will be the series of choices I made along the way,” ARCHIE says. “And as long as I am true to myself, pursuing what I want in earnest, and never letting fear get in the way of reaching my potential, then there ain't no way that I can get this shit wrong.”

Listen to “Summation” below. Don’t miss ARCHIE perform at this year’s Concerts at the Mural on August 23.


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