KEXP Suggests: Northwest Folklife Festival 2019 (May 24-27)

KEXP Suggests

When you think about how the Northwest Folklife Festival is celebrating its 48th year, the sheer magnitude of that is astounding. Every year the festival brings masses of artists to Seattle Center – not just musicians, but visual artists, dancers, parades, as well as workshops and storytelling sessions. I’m not capable of doing the math, but the number of artists its supported over the decades must be in the thousands.

As history has shown, the free festival is something of public service to the city. This year is no exception. In contrast to the expectations of modern festivals, Folklife doesn’t draw in attendees with big headliners or spectacle. It’s just a true celebration of arts and culture, welcoming all who wander in.

KEXP will be hosting a stage as well this year, hosted by DJs Troy Nelson and Eva Walker, showcasing some of our cities wonderful talent. As you take in the festival, make your way over to the Gathering Space to see some of the astounding artists below.

Friday, May 24

1 PM: Lili St Anne

2:30 PM: Maiah Wynne

4 PM: Micaiah Sawyer

5 PM: Narrow Tarot


Saturday, May 25

1 PM: Mia Day

  2:30 PM: Stephanie Anne Johnson

4 PM: The Whags

5 PM: Zoser


Sunday, May 26

1 PM: Payge Turner

2:30 PM: Alex Cade

4 PM: I Am Chamel

5 PM: All Star Opera


Monday, May 27

1 PM: Jason McCue

2:30 PM: i///u

4 PM: Marshall Law Band

5 PM: TxR