Sound & Vision: The Dip on Keeping the Motown Vibe Alive in Seattle

Sound and Vision
Emily Fox
photo by Jake Hanson (view set)

Seattle soul group The Dip were recently live on The Morning Show on KEXP, performing songs off their latest LP The Dip Delivers. And I was joined by the band's singer Tom Eddy to talk about this new album. Listen to our chat and check out excerpts from the interview below. 

On the Song "She Gave Me the Keys"

That song on the record is the most stylistically retro, if you will. And I think the idea was like, we love a lot of that music so much and we try to dive into it but, unfortunately, some of the ideas in those songs are rather misogynistic and reflect a hopefully bygone era of social norms regarding gender. So, we wanted to make a song that was more true to our own lives and use the same archetype of this music and the ideas, but sort of flipping the script because it reflects more accurately what we're going through. You know, it's just kind of like the idea of a broke musician whose significant other has got it going on financially. 

On Being a Musician in Seattle

Oh, it's pretty crazy. I would say that it's a definite challenge and we've been fortunate to have a bit of success and some income streams but with a band of seven people, it's like you're splitting everything and the slice of your pie gets smaller and smaller and the cost of living goes up. But we were fortunate enough to get into a five year lease on a little studio space in the Central District and so at least we have a place to be and make music all the time which is relatively inexpensive for a couple more years. So that really helped and I think that's what it is: we had to really make a choice and invest in our future ability to create. You have to be all in if you want to make it work in Seattle with the way things are with the prices and Amazon and all that stuff. 

On the Song "Spiderweb"

That song is about how in our country, it just seems like there's so many traps laid for the common man or woman or whomever. And it just seems like it's built for the people at the top and everywhere you turn there's some way that you're getting the short end of the stick if you're towards the bottom of things. And I think this presidency and this situation we've gotten our country... I don't know. I was just struggling with it and just it's sort of a song that came out of the frustration with that situation. 

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