Björk Bewitches Us Once Again with "Tabula Rasa" Video

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Jasmine Albertson
photo by Santiago Felipe

Icelandic musician/genius/goddess Björk has unveiled a new video for Utopia track “Tabula Rasa.” The video was released in conjunction with her new multi-media concert piece Cornucopia, which is playing in New York City and closes out with the track. Directed by Tobias Gremmler, the computer-animated visuals incorporate Björk’s face onto shape-shifting figures that are somewhere between aquatic meets alien. Gremmler had this to say about his idea behind the video:

“When creating the video, I was deeply inspired by the music and lyrics of Tabula Rasa. The visual transformation of Björk into faun-like flowers and mountainous landscapes embodies the utopian concept of a harmonious coexistence between nature and human based on empathy.”

Utopia was released in 2017 and is her ninth studio album. Cornucopia has been said to be Björk’s most ambitious show yet, which is saying a lot considering she’s long been known to do extraordinary things on stage. It’s currently running until June 1 at The Shed in New York City. Fingers crossed it at least makes it to the West Coast.

Watch the video for “Tabula Rasa” below and revisit the moment when Björk stopped by KEXP’s stage at Iceland Airwaves in 2018 to Aurora here.



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