KEXP Suggests: SPOT Festival in Aarhus, Denmark (May 2-4)

KEXP Suggests

We know not all of the music in the world is going to make its way to KEXP. Through our work in Iceland, London, and Mexico City, we’ve found that the best way to learn about the incredible amount of music that’s being created all over the world is to truly immerse yourself in it. 

Building off of our work with the Nordic Heritage Museum and the Danish Artis Council/Danish Ministry of Culture, KEXP is venturing out to the SPOT Festival in Aarhus, Denmark on May 2-4. While we won’t be broadcasting this time around, KEXP has been invited as guests from our previous initiatives and will be on the scene exploring all the Danish and Nordic music we can handle. 

SPOT Festival is far from a new kid on the block (it’s not a Jordan Knight either) when it comes to music festivals. First founded in 1994, SPOT began as a local music event that’s grown considerably over the last 25 years. Its hosted early performances from acts like Sigur Ros, The Raveonettes, Junior Senior, Mum, and more. 

Looking at this year’s lineup, what’s most exciting to us is the stuff we don’t know – which is a lot! It’s hard to stump a station full of music nerds on the up and coming bands and the thrill of getting to experience something completely is all too compelling. The bands come from all across the Nordic countries – Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Finland, and Sweden. With that comes a wide range of music styles and genre. With over 100 bands across 39 venues, SPOT isn’t lacking with things to see and do. 

Throughout the festival, KEXP will be sharing daily written recaps with our favorite music discoveries and offering in-the-moment updates of what we’re experiencing on our social channels. We can’t wait to share all our new music finds with KEXP listeners. Stay tuned for more. 

photo by Emil Brøbech

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