Christine and the Queens Share Hamlet-Inspired Video for "Comme si"

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Jasmine Albertson
photo by Jake Hanson

Héloïse Letissier released her second studio album as Christine and the Queens in September, Chris. Previously she’s shared a number of cinematic videos for songs off the record, including the matador-inspired clip for “La marcheuse,” the intimate day-in-the-life-of-a-dominatrix video for “5 Dollars,” and the playground dance film for “Doesn’t Matter.”

Today, she’s unveiled the latest visual for “Comme si” that was filmed in Thailand and takes its inspiration from Hamlet. Letissier says this about the video:

"For me, the whole idea of the video is to twist the terrible ending of Ophelia, as a myth, an idea. In Hamlet, Ophelia is, of course, the unlucky lover, the rejected one; but her madness and the suicide that ensues is also symptomatic of a whole era: the young girl, unwanted, unloved, simply cannot live. She’s doomed, she disappears, she melts with nature. Insanity is also really interesting in this play, for it is the sign of a mind deranged by rejection, as if she couldn’t remain in the world after being unwanted by Hamlet. Looking at Millais’ painting, and thinking of “Comme si” as this erotic reverie of subverting rejection with self-empowerment, I started to dream of giving that myth a welcomed, witty twist. Let’s undo that tragic ending; let’s cheat death, if you will."

Watch the video for “Comme si” and Christine and the Queens’ KEXP in-studio performance from 2018 below.



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