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Seattle’s own Lisa Prank is out with a new record, called Perfect Love Song (Father/Daughter Records). It’s her second full length album and inspired by “Lifetime movie level heartbreak.” Sound & Vision host Emily Fox spoke with Robin Edwards (aka Lisa Prank) about making the album and her Twitter beef with Tesla founder Elon Musk.

On her song “IUD”:

I was asked to write a song for Sheila Heti's book Motherhood and a whole night of people writing songs about deciding whether or not you want to have children – which is a pretty heavy topic. And I said yes to it when I was in a relationship and it was the first relationship where I'd ever talked about having kids. And then, of course, procrastinated on it and by the time it was a few days away I had dramatically broken up with my partner and “IUD” was the song that came out.

On her relationship with frequent Lisa Prank collaborator, Tacocat bassist and roommate Bree McKenna:

Bree and I collaborate a lot, especially on this new record. She and I share a door in our house that we live in. So, on this record I was like working out songs and she would just come into my bedroom and play bass and work it out. So, we have collaborated a ton. Bree and I joke that she knows the Lisa Prank formula at this point. I could just play her a completely new song and she can follow along the first time. 

On her brief, but ultimately successful, Twitter feud with Elon Musk:

Basically, my dad does funny art on mugs – he's a potter for a living. And his drawing showed up in the Tesla car and one of my dad's friends had a Tesla and it showed up in the console – they have like a touch screen or something, I actually don't think I've ever been inside a Tesla, so I don't really know what it looked like, but my dad had hired a lawyer and was trying to get in touch with Elon Musk for like over a year and he never was responding. Then one day, I was visiting my parents and I was like sitting in the bathtub at their house. I was like, you know what, I'm going to tweet at him. I did and for some reason, he responded and just made a jerk of himself and ultimately ended up blocking me. And it was enough attention that he paid my dad money.

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