Ty Segall Releasing Demos Box Set in November

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Janice Headley
photo by Brady Harvey

If, like us, you can't get enough Ty Segall, you'll be excited, like us, to learn he's releasing a hefty box set next month titled Pig Man Lives Volume 1 featuring demos recorded from 2007-2017, covering the albums Manipulator, Freedom’s Goblin, Emotional Mugger, Twins, Ty Segall, Slaughterhouse, and Sleeper. The 4xLP set will also feature previously unreleased songs, bringing the total amount of tracks to almost 50. 

His label Drag City Records said in a press statement: "Each finished record had its own unique aim and intention, but when you hear tracks from 2007 next to tracks from 2015, then 2012 cutting in after 2017, the splatter allows you to experience the continuum of a whole body of work exploding over and over again, in a burst of freedom that accompanies an initial song sketch. For some of these songs, further evolution brought even more out of them. And some are perfect this way, with rough edges and little details you’re not gonna believe you’ve lived without."

Pig Man Lives Volume 1 will be out November 1 via Drag City. Check out the extensive track listing below.

01. Squealer
02. Don’t You Want to Know
03. The Magazine
04. Take Care to Comb Your Hair
05. Mister Main
06. Feel
07. Green Belly
08. Breakfast Eggs
09. Manipulator
10. Papers
11. Song Number 12
12. My Lady’s on Fire
13. Diversion
14. Tall Man Skinny Lady
15. Orange Color Queen
16. Fanny Dog
17. Meaning
18. She Don’t Care
19. The Fakir
20. Untitled #6
21. Who’s Producing You?
22. Stick Around
23. You’re the Doctor
24. California Hills
26. Warm Hands
27. Break a Guitar 2
28. Every 1’s a Winner
29. Candy Man
30. Handglams
31. It’s Over
32. Golden One (Only One)
33. Pan
34. Alta
35. The Singer
36. The Hills
37. Thank God for the Sinners
38. Shoot You Up
39. The Feels
40. Connection
41. Thank You Mr. Kane
42. When Mommy Kills You
43. She
44. Slaughterhouse
45. Sue Thumb
46. Talkin’ ‘Bout Yourself
47. 5 Feet Tall

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