UK Post-Punk Band Snapped Ankles Power Up on Second Single "Rechargeable" (KEXP Premiere)

KEXP Premiere
photo by Kasia Wozniak

UK group Snapped Ankles took inspiration for their band name from the 1990 film Misery — based on the Stephen King novel — when Annie Wilkes (as portrayed by actress Kathy Bates) placed a hunk of wood between the feet of novelist Paul Sheldon (played by actor James Caan), aaand... if you haven't seen this nearly 30-year-old film, no spoilers, but you can figure it out.

The feral foursome also looks to the woods to hammer home their hypnotic post-punk sound, inspired by paganistic rhythms. Formed by a group of film and art fanatics, the band is known to perform in full, shaggy, Sasquatch-esque costumes and will use rotted-out chunks of wood for percussion on stage. Using vintage analog percussion synths strapped to logs, the band get into what they call "log jams", crafting hypnotic Krautrock-inspired grooves.

On March 1st, the band will release their sophomore full-length titled Stunning Luxury, inspired by "the community’s demise – the property developers and brokers who heat the market on the promise of Stunning Luxury. With their adopted warehouse habitat under constant threat, the woodwose have taken this sharp-suited incarnation in order to infiltrate. The resistance starts here."

Late last year, they shared the track "Drink and Glide", and today we can reveal the next single "Rechargeable", which they cite as "a call to harness the kinetic energy of dance to push against the rigid continuity of the daily routine." Listen to the song below.

Snapped Ankles are one of the many bands playing KEXP's International Clash Day broadcast, live from London, February 4th-7th, at Studio 9294 in London’s Hackney Wick neighborhood. Other bands on the bill include IDLES, Heavy Lungs, Goat Girl, Ibibio Sound Machine, and more. Each act will perform their set for live broadcast on KEXP 90.3 FM in Seattle, online at KEXP.ORG, and streaming on KEXP’s YouTube channel.

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