Guess the DJ Yearbook Photo!

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Ari Rosenschein

Hey, KEXP Class of 2018!

It’s so close you can taste it, right? Warm, long Summer days and nights are just about here, school’s almost out and no matter what, music’s always in. As we look ahead to the glorious days of Summer, we’ve got a challenge for you: Can you guess these KEXP DJs by their yearbook photos?

Once you do, share your own yearbook photo on Facebook using our new frame.

DESKTOP: Click here and search "KEXP Yearbook Photo."
MOBILE: Go to your profile pic, click the camera icon in the lower right-hand corner, and choose "Add Frame."

And don’t forget! There’s just one final project left before school’s out for summer. Power the music you love all year long by making your Summer Drive gift here.

Stay sweet, stay cool, and enjoy the summer!