Get To Know Your New Friday Night DJs: Michele Myers and Stas THEE Boss

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Tonight KEXP debuts our new Friday night lineup, starting with Friday Night with Michele Myers and Street Sounds with Stas THEE Boss. Both of these DJs have been a crucial part of KEXP programming for years, but with their new time slots we thought a little re-introduction might be in order. We asked Michele and Stas a little bit of what to expect with their new time slots, their favorite weekend jams, and the vibes they’re hoping to curate over the airwaves.

Friday Night with Michele Myers, 6-9 p.m.

How are you feeling about your new time slot? What can we expect from “Friday Night” with DJ Michele Myers?

Michele Myers: Feeling super excited about going on air 6 PM Fridays! For me today is a major life event. Decades in the making. Honored to bring my mix to more KEXP listeners.

You’ll hear upbeat sets of rock, soul, R&B, electronic, hip hop and more. We’re hoping to bring people together by playing music that represents everyone. It’s a bold mix, geared to be inclusive. Lots of women artists and other underrepresented voices. Lots of party vibe. My definition of dance is very broad. You’ll hear many kinds of music that you can move to, not just classic tracks.

Do you think anything will change now that you’re on the air earlier in the evening? Are there any songs with profanity that will have to be edited for FCC purposes in order to stay in your rotation?

There’s a new format for the “Friday Night” show. You’ll hear more dance-worthy songs, ones I’d play for a live party on a weekend. My basic plan for each show is to do a 75-minute dance set, then a short upbeat music feature, then a second 75-minute dance set.

Tonight’s music spotlight is on Sharon Jones, a birthday salute to the soul legend. I review and plan all my songs ahead of time, then vary the order and add/subtract in the moment, listening for what sounds right. From spinning live, I already have most radio edits in my music collection (you never know what will happen live). We are ready to go!

What is your favorite way to get pumped for a Friday Night party?

For this radio party will bring in water/fire effect lights and a strobe or two and turn the DJ booth into a club atmosphere. This gets me in the zone.

Once the intro song plays, the show takes on its own energy and propels us through the next 3 hours. Usually would drink coffee before a party, but am thinking tonight won’t need any.

Street Sounds with Stas THEE Boss, 9 p.m. - 1 a.m.

What are you most excited for with Street Sounds moving to Friday nights?

Stas THEE Boss: I'm humbled to be moving to Friday, and most excited about the time slot which will allow me to play unedited bangers after 10 p.m.

Do you anticipate any changes to the programming now that you’re kicking off the weekend?

I will probably be keeping the vibe pretty similar until around 11 PM then I'm planning on blowing everyone's mind with classic turn-up jams.

What songs with profanity are you most excited to play after 10 p.m.?

"Lookin" by Playboi Carti, "50 Niggaz Deep" by Drunken Master, "Make Em Say Ugh" by Master P, and "Cardi B Nasty" by TA7J

What’s your go-to Friday night jam for when you’re getting ready to go?

"Pay Rent" by Loji and SWARVY

Anything else you want to let people know about Street Sounds on Friday nights?

Thank you to everyone who's been vibing with us on Sundays. I know that this is going to be a huge transition. Fridays are way more lit than Sundays and I promise to play nothing but top tier jams.

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