Record Store Day 2018: Colemine Records’ Terry Cole on Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio’s Live On KEXP LP

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Dusty Henry
photo by Bebe Labree Bresch

When KEXP invited Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio to perform during our live broadcast at the 2017 Upstream Music Fest, we knew it’d be good. But “good” doesn’t do justice for what actually happened. The instrumental soul trio has a sound – as there name would imply – built around the lush sounds of the Hammond organ. When the trio gets revved up, there’s no stopping them. Being in the room was like a perpetual shock to the system, with the band constantly finding new ways to thrill with their wildly imaginative compositions. Before the broadcast even started, they got the room going with a brilliant warm-up set. Thankfully our camera crew was already prepped to go and captured this magical moment, resulting in one of most watched sessions in 2017.

Both the band’s main set and warm-up sets are now getting issued to wax through the band’s label, Colemine Records, for Record Store Day 2018 this Saturday, April 21. While DLO3 is on tour, we caught up with label owner Terry Cole to reminisce about the session, discuss why they wanted to release Live On KEXP on vinyl, and what other RSD releases they’re looking forward to.

What drew Colemine Records to Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio? Where or when did you first hear them?

Well, I've always loved the Hammond organ. One of the records I ever remember really loving that was considered jazz was Jimmy Smith's Root Down, which I only discovered through the Beastie Boys sample. But it really opened up this whole world for me and eventually I came to love Booker T, The Meters, etc. So when David told me he was in an organ trio my ears certainly perked up, but then I heard the record. Man! It's just so pocket! And Delvon never overplays. When one person is soloing, the other two are just destroying the pocket and sitting back. I feel like a lot of organ groups tend to get pretty wordy with their notes, but not these dudes.

Listening back to DLO3’s performance on KEXP at Upstream, what made you want to release it on vinyl for Record Store Day?

Well, in a lot of ways that video was the way that a lot of people discovered them for the first time. Since we've signed them, they've sort of come along with this built-in fan base simply from that video. It went sort of viral and I believe it's one of the best performing KEXP sessions that's online. It's also especially compelling considering it's instrumental. So after we had already put their debut album release plans in place for March, Bob called me one night in November and was like, "Dude, we should press the KEXP session!" It was a no-brainer. The performance sort of marks the beginning of their upward ascent, getting signed to a label, a publishing deal, a booking agent, etc. That's a cool RSD release and very much in the spirit of the day I think.

Do you have any specific memories that stand out from session?

I think Jimmy's solo on “Tacoma Black Party” is insane, his homage to [Jimi] Hendrix is so spot on. That's always been my take away for sure. But I will say the build up towards the end of “Move On Up” is also fantastic.

Who designed the packaging for the LP? What were the discussions of the look and aesthetic of the record?

I did the design for both the KEXP session and the album cover. I was definitely pulling hard from classic Blue Note and Prestige LPs from the late 60s period because that's sort of the vibe I see them sitting in. Just classic funky soul jazz for the 21st century.

Are there any other Record Store Day releases you have your eye on?

Well, obviously we are geeked about both RSD releases we have this year, the other being Postales by Los Sospechos. But we've also got a really cool 7-inch split with the other Coalmine Records (hip-hop label). But outside of our own releases, I'm really looking forward to what Jazz Dispensary is putting out, along with Daptone's release and Now-Again's reissue of David Axelrod's masterpiece Song Of Innocence. It's going to be an incredible day for shop across the country. The list if full of cool releases.

Look out for copies of DLO3’s Live on KEXP this Saturday at record shops around the country. In the meantime, revisit the Upstream performance featured on the wax below.

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