International Clash Day: Interview with Todd Duncan of Crazy 8s

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As Corvalis, Ore. Ska outfit Crazy 8s were making the ascension in the early 80s, they landed a gig opening for a little band called The Clash. Morning Show Producer Owen Murphy caught up with lead vocalist Todd Duncan about the band's encounter, including a bonding moment with Joe Strummer. 


"They said, “we'd like to meet the band” and they said, 'sure, come on in.' I said, 'Hey Joe, I want to give you a present.' And it was a book called Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky – the old sixties kind of civil rights protest handbook kind of thing. He was really taken aback, he liked it a lot. He said, 'well the only way I'll accept the present is if you sign it to me.' So here I am—to Joe Strummer, Todd Duncan, Crazy 8s. So we talked about politics a little bit, had a picture or two and it was pretty much it—said hi to Paul and Mick. I didn't get to Topper the drummer, but the kooky part—we were so excited about that set. We had a forty-five minute set arranged and we were so excited, we did it in twenty-five minutes. It was like— the promoter goes, 'well you guys got to play for twenty more minutes.' So we just said, 'OK we'll just do the set again.'"

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