Delvon Lamarr of the Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio Waxes Rhapsodic on John Coltrane for Black History Month

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photo by Bebe Labree Besch

In celebration of Black History Month, KEXP’s Alina Santillan interviewed numerous local and national African American artists about what Black History Month and Black Future mean to them. Delvon Lamarr of the Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio shared how important John Coltrane was to him growing up as a black musician. And keep an eye out for the Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio's new album Close But No Cigar which comes out Friday, March 2nd via Colemine Records.

KEXP: Which artists have been influential to you as a person or in your music?

Oh, John Coltrane, for sure. When I was young I used to listen to a lot of jazz and listen to all the Charlie Parkers. I knew John Coltrane from the Miles Davis era. But when I started listening to the later stuff, even at such an early age like the album A Love Supreme -- it was so spiritually enlightening just to listen to that. Especially when you read the liner notes and listen to it. It was super powerful. It actually changed -- even though it doesn't have words --  it literally changed my thinking and evaluating my life as a youth. You know, I was a little knucklehead back then and that was it for me. And that's when everything changed my life for the better. 

For more and a litany of amazing interviews featuring the incredible African-American musical artists that have shaped our lives, click here for all our Black History Month coverage.

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