KEXP Suggests: Hype! at the SIFF Cinema Egyptian 9/25

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Dusty Henry

It's easy to lose context with how massive grunge was in the early '90s. Bands like Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Nirvana are so ubiquitous with the region at this point that it's hard to imagine what the Northwest was like before they came barreling through with heavy punk riffs with lots and lots of plaid and flannel. Twenty years ago, director Doug Pray captured maybe one of the best time capsules of the era with his landmark documentary Hype!. The film features interviews and footage from the aforementioned bands as well as Mudhoney, 7 Year Bitch, Fastbacks, The Gits, Young Fresh Fellows, and other artists who helped build the foundation that would later be dubbed the "Seattle Sound."

The film is screening once again tonight at the SIFF Cinema Egyptian at 7 PM. It's poised to be a total celebration of this momentous era. After the film screens, there's going to be a live performance from the Schmidtheads, a supergroup featuring members of The Thrown Ups. A Q&A is also scheduled after the film, featuring Pray as well as Mudhoney's Mark Arm, Fastback's Lulu Gargiulo and Kurt Bloch, photographer Charles Peterson, legendary producers Jack Endino and Steve Fisk, and more crew involved with the production. This is the perfect time to ask those aching questions about the film that have been plaguing you for 20 years as well as to pay homage to the roots of today's local scene. Grab your tickets now and watch the trailer below.

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