Video Premiere: Naked Giants – Born To Be Wild

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Dusty Henry
Naked Giants at KEXP in 2017 // photo by Melissa Wax

If you've ever seen Seattle's Naked Giants live, you know just how passionate and rabid they can be. Even the drummer can barely contain himself to his throne while the trio is churning out furious, excitable riffs. They feel like they were born to be wild, which is why they're the perfect fit cover Steppenwolf's mega-hit, well, "Born To Be Wild."

The cover is a part of Amazon's Open Road playlist which features covers of classic road-trip tracks. The original "Born To Be Wild" certainly fits the bill in the classic sense, but Naked Giants' take on the feels less like a top-down cruiser and more like a Mad Max: Fury Road rallying cry. The boosted energy Naked Giants reinvigorates a song that's nearly ubiquitous, unearthing the fiery passion that's always been at the core of the track.

Watching the video of the band playing the track live exalts this idea even further. You'll want to be aware of your speedometer if you're playing this one on the road —you might just embrace the heavy metal thunder too much on the gas pedal. Check it out below.


If you want to experience the beastly energy of Naked Giants for yourself, you can next catch them at Tinnabulation Music Festival in Spokane on September 9 and then at the Everett Yacht Club on September 16 with Thunderpussy.

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