Video Premiere: Lemolo – Casting Call

Local Music, KEXP Premiere
Dusty Henry
photo by Melissa Wax

Lemolo has a knack for nostalgic imagery in their videos. Earlier this year, we premiered the video for the dream-pop act's "One to Love", which featured songwriter Meagan Grandall walking the eerie streets of her hometown of Poulsbo, Washington. With "Casting Call", Grandall ventures even further back – 20 years to be exact. The video, directed by bandmate Adrian Centoni, follows a group of four young girls in 1997, hiding indoors from the heat on a lazy summer afternoon. All the hallmarks of the '90s are already present – VHS home videos, Gameboys, and rotating fans blasting at full speed. While taking out the trash, one of the girls stumbles upon $20 on the ground. Quickly, she runs inside and takes her friends on an adventure to a local convenience store.Not only does the video show you just how much candy $20 could get you back in the '90s (seriously, wish I could get that many popsicles and slushies for my buck these days), but it captures the pure and beautiful innocence of youth. It recalls a time when venturing out to get junk food with your friends could feel like the most paramount adventure. The camera work (by cinematographer Justin Derry) within the convenience store is stunning with an ambitious single shot that tracks the girls as they run through the aisles like it's an episode of Supermarket Sweep. The malaise of the adults in the store, scratching off Lotto tickets and looking despondent by the slushy machine, serves as a remarkable contrast to the exuberant joys from the children. It aptly captures the daydream-like quality of Grandall's voice and the wistfulness of the piano flourishes.

Watch this exclusive premiere of Lemolo’s new video and then look for more music on the band’s website and Facebook page. Lemolo will also be embarking on their "New Songs and Spaces" tour this fall, kicking off in Tacoma at Satori Boutique on Sept. 22. You can find the full tour itinerary here.

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