Sonic Reducer on KEXP Presents: 13th Birthday Party at The Funhouse 5/5

KEXP Presents, Sonic Reducer

Has it really been thirteen years? It was May 1, 2014 that KEXP's punk rock show Sonic Reducer hit the airwaves. Since then, DJs Mr. West, Brian Foss, and Jenn have brought you three hours of the best in local, national, international punk and hardcore from 9:00 PM to midnight every Saturday night.

Tonight, Friday, May 5th, the Sonic Reducer team will celebrate with a show at Seattle's legendary venue The Funhouse with The Heels, The Gallow Swings, and The Less Than Equals. Doors are at 9:00 PM, with show kicking off at 9:30 PM. Come out and toast Sonic Reducer as it enters its lucky 13th year!

And, let's toast Sonic Reducer's pre-teen year with a look back at some of the in-studio sessions they've hosted on the air!

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