Upstream Music Fest + Summit 2017, Day 1: Poliça

Upstream Music Fest + Summit
Cierra Fraser
all photos by Bebe Labree Besch (view set)

It is likely safe to say that the Fuel Sports Beer Garden has never been fueled with more grooviness than when Poliça took the stage for Upstream on Thursday night. The Minneapolis electro-pop group has their sound and aesthetic on complete lock. Their sleek, contemporary looks are in total unison with the slinky sounds that they emit. The group was donned in all black, with front woman Channy Leaneagh sporting a mod transparent raincoat over her dark layers. Her smooth voice, already enchanting, was boosted with a drench of chilling reverb that sliced straight into the crowd. Accompanied by two live drummers, an energetic bassist and funky synths, the sweetness of her vocals lulled the audience into a vibing trance of movement and excitement.

The driving force of their two drummers in combination with the often trancey, ambient noises of the synths made for a truly captivating performance. To top it off, Channy's glassy vocals work to effortlessly perfect the intoxicating energy of Poliça. If their intent is to provide an invigoratingly progressive dose of artful synth pop, they are surely succeeding. It is tall order to stand still during the highly grooveable sounds of Poliça, as they certainly proved with their exceptional performance last night.

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