Video Roundup: Easter Songs

Video Roundup
Jasmine Albertson
photo by Shelly Corbett

Can we just admit that American Easter is kind of a weird holiday? While originally a deeply religious holiday, the introduction of bunnies and eggs, which have absolutely nothing to do with that, continue to be carried down year after year to the point that it's possible most children probably don't even know that the whole point is to celebrate the resurrection of a guy named Jesus. Anyway! Today we're celebrating the strange holiday we call Easter by rounding up some of our favorite songs that, like most of the traditions of Easter, have very little to do with anything. But it's fun! We've got songs about Jesus stealing girlfriends and building hotrods (which is obviously high on his priority list), rabbits that are frightened and in your headlights (life is terrifying as a rabbit), and a song about lillies because apparently that's yet another symbol of Easter. Happy Day of Painting Eggs, everyone!

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